11.5″ Centurion Arms FBI CHF CL Barrel With Gas System


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11.5″ Centurion Arms FBI CHF CL With Gas System

Includes pinned gas block and carbine length gas tube.

Cold Hammer Forged Barrels

Hammer forging is a process in which a drilled, reamed and honed blank has the rifling formed into it by placing the barrel blank on a mandrel that has the rifling ground into its outer surface.
The blank and mandrel are then placed between two opposing power hammers and the blank is beaten around the mandrel leaving the rifling pattern in the barrel.
This process leaves an extremely smooth and consistent surface on the inside of the barrel, that lends itself to excellent accuracy.
The forging process also work hardens the barrel steel causing a very durable and much longer lasting barrel.
Our barrels have a slight taper to the bore during the hammer forging process to ensure better accuracy.
Our hammer forged barrels are the best choice for shorter range, combat shooting style and high round counts.


Chrome Lined Chamber and Bore

The hard chrome used to coat the chamber and bore are harder than the barrel steel itself.
This aids in longevity and also reduces fouling and corrosion often seen in austere field conditions.
Chrome also aids in chambering, extraction, and overall reliability of the weapon.
Thus, giving the operator a more reliable weapon with less maintenance.
We have our chrome lining applied to twice the thickness of standard small arms barrels.


  • Machine Gun Barrel Steel
  • Twist Rate 1/7
  • Chamber True 5.56
  • Feed Ramps Extended M4 Style
  • Finish Manganese Phosphate (MIL-SPEC-A-A-59267)
  • HPT/MP inspected
  • Weight 1lb 6.3oz Stripped
  • Gas Port Size .072
  • Tabbed Gas Block .750 Journal w/ Alignment Notch

Centurion Arms barrels require no further break-in.

We recommend gunsmith installation for all of our parts.
We cannot warranty items damaged by improper installation.

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